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We Are The Most Versatile Linkedin Marketing Agency For B2B Agencies and Services

We know LinkedIn as the back of our hand, having utilized its services for us and for our B2B clients for the past 6 years to get unprecedented results.

What Karma Digitalz Can Do For You

Utilize LinkedIn 360°

Our Linked 360 Program is a comprehensive suite designed to revolutionize your LinkedIn presence. It encompasses everything from strategic networking to content creation, ensuring that every aspect of your LinkedIn experience is optimized for maximum impact and engagement.

Establish Your Personal Brand Authority

Elevate your personal brand on LinkedIn with our expert guidance. We help you craft a compelling narrative that showcases your expertise, achievements, and unique value proposition, making you stand out in the crowded marketplace of ideas and service

Get The Low Hanging Fruit

You Probably have Hundreds if not Thousands of connections from your ideal client niches. When was the last time you engaged with them? These are the Low hanging fruits, they have been in your network, following you, seeing your posts, they are the ones most likely to do business with you. Lets Go Get Them.

A Pipeline Thats Always Full

Only 3% of people you talk to are ready to buy at a partiicular time. Engage with the other 97% over LinkedIn Content, Take them to a CRM, followup On Email and phone, setup a Newsletter, call them to an Event, get them in a Group, subscribe them to a Podcast. Establish your Authority to be their automatic choice when they are ready to buy. Your Pipeline will always be full.

Convert Your connections Into An audience

Leverage LinkedIn like never before, utilize Linkedin Content, Newsletters, Events, Groups and LinkedIn Top Voice to establish authority and engage with your connections on LinkedIn as well as take the conversation outside through a CRM and email list. Followup and engage  like never before.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

With our advanced analytics and reporting, you’ll gain deep insights into your LinkedIn activities. Understand your audience, measure campaign effectiveness, and make data-driven decisions to refine your strategies and achieve better results

Choose Your Path To Linkedin Excellence with "The AI-Enhanced Linked-360 Program"

Work We Do


At Karma Digitalz, we’re more than just a LinkedIn agency; we’re your partners in digital success. Our Linked-360 Strategies are carefully designed to use LinkedIn’s many features to meet your business’s specific needs.

Some think success is just about posting content or sending messages, but we know your agency’s path is unique. LinkedIn offers many chances to grow, and we’re here to help you pick the right services for your agency’s growth, based on where you are now and where you want to be.

Together, let’s make the most of LinkedIn and turn your agency into a standout in B2B networking.

Linkedin Outbound Marketing

Proactively engage with potential clients through personalized outreach, leveraging LinkedIn's vast network to generate leads and drive sales, while navigating the challenge of standing out in a crowded marketplace

Linkedin Inbound Marketing

Attract and build relationships with your ideal B2B audience by sharing valuable content, positioning your agency as a thought leader, and converting profile views into business opportunities

Linkedin CRM Integration

Streamline your sales process by syncing LinkedIn interactions directly with your CRM, ensuring efficient lead management. Never loose your LinkedIn Network by adding them all to your CRM to interact with them on email & Phone ensuring multiple touchpoints for active engagement and followup

Linkedin Ultimate Social Selling

Integrate LinkedIn Inbound and Outbound to get the ultimate LinkedIn social Selling Setup.Our Package will help you connect with the right audience, establish your authority and nurture them in a way that ensures that they love to do business with you.

Linkedin - Low Hanging Fruits

Are you engaging with your current network?? You know that only 3% of people you message are actually looking for your services currently.There are thousands of prospects already in your network which might like to do business with you eventually if you just keep engaging with them. These are the Low Hanging Fruits.

Linkedin Groups

Setup niche LinkedIn groups to establish your self as a community leader, establish brand authority and engagement while ensuring high quality sales calls in the process. Never worry about your pipeline ever again.

Linkedin Newsletter

Develop and distribute a regular LinkedIn newsletter to share insights and updates with subscribers, establishing a consistent touchpoint and reinforcing your agency's expertise

Linkedin Events

Host and promote LinkedIn events to bring together professionals for networking, learning, and collaboration, offering a dynamic way to connect with your target audience

Podcast Marketing on Linkedin

Share and promote your marketing podcasts on LinkedIn to reach a professional audience, enhancing your agency's visibility and thought leadership status. Double it up with a LinkedIn Newsletter to reach a wider audience every time

Email Follow-ups

Enhance customer engagement with personalized email follow-ups that nurture leads and encourage repeat business. Triple the number of leads and sales calls you generate through LinkedIn.

Website Redesign and SEO

A poorly designed website is going to put off any visitor that comes from LinkedIn. do not waste your efforts.Transform your digital presence with a website redesign that combines aesthetics with SEO strategy, ensuring your site not only looks great but speaks directly to your audience and addresses their pain points

LinkedIn Top Voices

Achieve recognition as a LinkedIn Top Voice by consistently contributing high-quality content, enhancing your agency's credibility and influence among industry professionals

About us

Our team doesn’t just operate on LinkedIn; we flourish and excel within its professional expanse. Boasting over 25 years of collective mastery in harnessing LinkedIn’s capabilities, we possess an intimate understanding of every nuance and feature this powerful platform offers.

LinkedIn isn’t just our platform of choice—it’s our obsession. Our singular focus on LinkedIn ensures that we deliver unparalleled services to our clients. Experience the transformative impact on your business growth as you partner with us.

Believe in LinkedIn’s potential for lead generation? You’re correct—it’s the key. Let us unveil the strategies that will unlock a new realm of opportunities for your agency.

Why Linked-360 By Karma Digitalz

Range of Services

We deliver a targeted array of LinkedIn marketing services, from content and outreach to analytics and CRM integration, designed to boost your agency’s online impact and client engagement.


Our agency is recognized for its LinkedIn marketing expertise, with a solid history of client success and a commitment to delivering tangible results and transparent practices.


LinkedIn marketing isn’t just what we do; it’s all we do. Our specialized focus ensures that every strategy and campaign is crafted with the deepest understanding of LinkedIn’s unique environment.

Experience & Support

With over two decades of cumulative LinkedIn experience, our team offers unparalleled support, guiding you through LinkedIn’s complexities to achieve your marketing goals.

Linked-In With LinkedIn

Ever since we started using LinkedIn for our own agency more than 6 years back we live, breath and talk LinkedIn. If LinkedIn success has been elluding you – your search stops here – Lets Talk

Innovative Adaptability

Our agency stays ahead of the curve, continuously adapting to LinkedIn’s evolving features and algorithms to keep your strategies fresh, relevant, and effective in the dynamic digital marketing landscape.

No One Size Fits All Approach

Some agencies talk about getting clients just through content, other by Linkedin DM’s. But, anyone who does marketing know that their is no one size fits all  strategy, some could benefit just by engaging with existing connectins and establishing authority, others would require more outreach coupled with content giving them Authority. We will do what it takes – We will find your Mojo.

Perfect systems for Every Need & Budget

We have a package for every need and requirement, our basic Linkedin Outreach system coupled with email followup starts at $1497 and with the CRM integration and content posting add on goes up to $2497. similarly the Linkedin Inbound Ssyetem debuts at $1497 and with the DM and CRM add on goes up to $2497. There are multiple addons available at various pricepoints, Engaging with your existing connections, adding all connections to a CRM, Newsletter integration, Creating and managing  a group for you and so on.

Turn Linkedin Setbacks Into Breakthrough with "The AI-Enhanced Linked-360 Program"

Why you need linkedin


Best B2B Platform

LinkedIn is the premier platform for B2B networking, where professionals join with the intent to connect, collaborate, and foster business relationships, addressing the challenge of finding a concentrated audience of business peers.

People Join It To Network

Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn’s users are there specifically to network, making it a focused medium to engage with like-minded professionals and potential partners, directly targeting the pain point of diluted networking efforts.

Highest No. Of Decision Makers

LinkedIn boasts the largest congregation of decision-makers, giving agencies direct access to the individuals who have the authority to green-light projects and partnerships, overcoming the barrier of gatekeepers in the sales process.

Targeted Lead Generation

With advanced search filters and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, agencies can pinpoint and reach out to their ideal prospects, addressing the pain of unqualified leads.

Brand Authority

Sharing insightful content and participating in discussions establishes agencies as thought leaders, setting them apart in a competitive market.

Content Marketing Platform

LinkedIn’s publishing platform enables agencies to showcase their expertise through articles, posts, and case studies, directly addressing the audience’s need for industry knowledge.

SEO Benefits

LinkedIn pages often rank well in search engine results, providing an SEO boost and addressing the pain of online discoverability

Collaborative Opportunities

The platform fosters collaboration through shared content and group discussions, opening doors to new business ventures.

Our Skills

  • LinkedIn Strategies 90% 90%
  • AI Integration 88% 88%
  • Content Marketing 88% 88%
  • Email Marketing 90% 90%
  • CRM Expertise 85% 85%
  • SEO and SEM 90% 90%

Best Features


Professional Team

Our team brings together a quarter-century of LinkedIn expertise, ensuring seasoned guidance and proven tactics for your agency’s success.

Tailored LinkedIn Strategies

We recognize that each agency’s journey is unique. Our strategies are customized to align with your agency’s specific phase and objectives, avoiding the pitfalls of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Balanced Inbound and Outbound Strategies

Our approach harmonizes inbound and outbound methodologies, ensuring a dynamic and comprehensive LinkedIn marketing strategy that addresses all stages of the customer journey.

CRM Integration

By integrating LinkedIn activities with your CRM, we ensure no lead is left behind, enabling systematic and impactful follow-ups.

Leveraging LinkedIn’s Multifaceted Features

We utilize LinkedIn’s diverse features, including groups, newsletters, events, and the Top Voices program, to amplify your agency’s voice and extend its reach

Establish Authority

We elevate your agency’s LinkedIn presence, transforming it into a beacon of industry leadership. Our strategic content and expertise command respect, setting you apart as an authoritative voice in your field



Client Speak

Gaurav provided excellent value to our company. Not only is he very knowledgeable about LinkedIn marketing, but he worked closely with us to provide additional strategy and tactical recommendations to generate the best overall results from his efforts. In addition, he is nimble and flexible to accommodate both changing market conditions, as well as our need to test and optimize various approaches to reach our target audience.

Greg Shanken


Gaurav is far and away one of the best LinkedIn Marketing services and VA partners I have yet to encounter. I've worked with quite a few and he has been a Godsend. He is knowledgeable, honest, hardworking and delivers what he promises. Gaurav is an absolute joy to work with and has been a tremendous asset, not just in building my own business but also helping me with my marketing/content/sales accelerator clients and the programs we provide them.

Suzan Marie

CEO, Creative Raven

I've worked with Gaurav Mehrotra for a few months only and within three months, I began receiving hot leads that were converted into appointments, then into new clients. Before working with Gaurav, I struggled to get one appointment a month. Today, I receive 2-3 appointments a week and have already closed on 5 new accounts. The difference with working with Gaurav vs. other lead gen sources is that he works with you closely to devise a strategy that meets your business.

Bernadette Capulong

CEO, BC Design Haus

I would give Gaurav Mehrotra 5 *SUPER* STARS!!!! He was my LinkedIn Mentor, Guru and Friend...I can not express how satisfied I am.. Gaurav is extremely happy and satisfied with being the best at what he does and it shows in his work ethic. He is a master of the game...I am looking forward to our next engagement. Thank you so much Gaurav.

Thomas Bell

CEO, B3 Media Solutions

Finally, someone who understands Lead Gen and the connection to the customer! In just 2 months I received well qualified leads from using Gaurav's company. Their analytics and tools help to screen the best prospects for your specific services or products. Very strong leads and referrals that I have been adding to Zoho and email for nurturing and conversion. Thanks much!

Karen Carr Crawford

CEO, Karen Carr Crawford Consulting

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